Continuum Associates LLC

Continuum Associates (CA) was founded in 2011, out of a deep and unfulfilled need to provide technical expertise coupled with energy economics and strategic business decision making to the global electric power and energy industry.

We have a passion to be leaders in facilitating the ongoing paradigm shift in the power and energy industry. Since our inception, we have continued to work with some of the largest transmission and distribution utilities globally, state and federal regulators, regional transmission organizations (RTOs), and Independent System Operators (ISOs). CA was founded by Sandeep Baidwan, who had until then worked across the global power transmission and generation industry.
Sandeep started his career with UK and US based National Grid and worked with major power projects developers in the US and overseas, before starting CA. Since 2011, CA has differentiated itself in consulting and advising its client at the intersection of highly analytical studies and energy economics studies. We base our work on highly detailed technical and advanced grid studies, which provide the basis of advancing business strategy in a challenging and rapidly changing business environment.

Our work has been critical in advancing some of the most important energy infrastructure projects across the US and overseas.
A sample of our work, including case studies can be found under What We Do.