Continuum Associates LLC
CA is at the forefront of smart grid and grid modernization strategy development and its implementation for transmission and distribution companies in the US and globally. We continue to lead the ongoing efforts to foster the digitization of the electric power grid and adoption of smarter grid technologies. Our Principals have been working with smart grid since inception of the idea in early 2000s, when some of the earliest smart grid implementations happened as pilot projects in the US. Currently, the CA team is leading a number of engagements with electric power transmission and distribution utilities, and grid modernization software and hardware manufacturers and suppliers. CA leads and supports strategizing, planning, customization, implementation, and support of electric grid related information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) systems across a T&D's operations and business.

Our work in IT and OT systems, covering the entire paradigm of smart grid and gird modernization has included concept to go-live implementation of EMS, SCADA, OMS, DMS, ADMS systems for utilities and asset owners and operators across North America. In terms of grid modernization's, CA is helping our clients assess the fast developing need to upgrade and modernize OT and IT systems to support the ongoing digitization of the electric power grid, as it get more distributed and more de-carbonized. CA is working with leading ISO, RTOs, and T&D utilities to develop grid modernization strategies and implement IT, OT, and platform systems that help modernize the grid and facilitate its further digitization, de-carbonization, and more distributed operations.

Case studies for our projects and studies completed as part of Smart Gird and Grid Modernization can be found in the Case Studies section.